Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mother Mother – The Sticks :: Lyrics, Video, Ringtones

Artist : Mother Mother
Song : The Sticks
Album : The Sticks

Check out this brand new song, "The Sticks" by five-piece Canadian indie rock band, Mother Mother. Still fresh out of the oven. It is taken from their forthcoming album also called 'The Sticks' which is set for release on September 18th via Last Gang Records. The track, a slightly more edgy and darker highlights what the band does best – showcase the band’s phenomenal harmonies while providing memorable riffs and a powerful rhythm.

Ladies and gentlemen! Here we present Mother Mother - The Sticks. The Sticks lyric performed by Mother Mother also available below.

Mother Mother The Sticks Lyrics :-

I’m looking at mountain ranges, yeah I’m looking at islands, baby
Oh, archipelago take me

I’m looking to isolate me, terra incognita, baby
I’m getting away from all the

La-di-dah, la-di-dah

I’ll be gone for good, out there with the creatures in the woods
And I’ll be understood, make friends with the pagans in the nude
I’ll be no different, just a little less interested
In all that new world shit
‘Cause there ain’t no new world in the sticks

I’m getting on a mountain, baby, yeah
I’m thinking of an island, maybe
Oh, archipelago, take me

I’m looking to isolate me, terra incognita, baby
I’m getting away from all the-

La-di-dah, la-di-dah

I’ll bring a book to read, Crusoe to get my in my theme
Might bring my heart to break, gonna find some pretty Wiccan thing
I’ll bring some chocolate, ain’t no way can she could resist
And I’ll being my papa’s tricks
‘Cause there ain’t no help line in the sticks

La-di-dah, la-di-dah

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