Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ne-Yo - You’re A Star Lyrics, Mp3, Ringtones

    * Artist : Ne-Yo
    * Song : You're A Star
    * Album : N/A

"You're A Star" is a hot track by American R&B singer-songwriter, Ne-Yo leaked recently. It is rumored to be an unreleased track from his previous project that didn't make the final cut. Pretty cool song. Ne-Yo is currently working on his upcoming fifth studio album, due for a release in the third quarter of 2011.

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Ne-Yo You're A Star Lyrics

All by herself she walks around
The sun is up she lookin' down
Her lonely tears, they hit the ground, they start a fire
He took her heart, he took her smile
And simply threw it in the pile of hearts
That he broken before he ever tried her

I sit back and I watched it all
I witness every teardrop fall
It's almost night
She's getting smaller every time she cries
I just can't stand to see her tears
And so before she disappears
I think I'll call her over here
(?) And if I leave a reminder

Girl you're beautiful
Don't let him take that from you
Girl you've got to know
Come here and let me show you

Let me ease your mind
Put you back in the sky
Baby you're a star don't let him dull your shine

He isn't worth your tears so baby dry your eyes
Just know that you're a star don't let him dull your shine
Don't let him end-all your shine

She's so special
Worth so much more
Than what she know
Cause he never told her
And so she cries
He said goodbye

But baby I will be the one to hold you down

And you will never hurt again
Just wanna see you smile right now
Stand up and keep on shining
And baby if you need
(?) Then I'll just need to remind her


Don't let him end-all your shine (x3)


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