Saturday, December 11, 2010

Alex Goot - Next Christmas Eve Lyrics Video Mp3 Download

* Artist : Alex Goot
* Song : Next Christmas Eve
* Album : N/A Read Song Info

This is hot! Introducing a hot new song titled "Next Christmas Eve" performed by a popular YouTube singer, Alex Goot. One word: Beautiful.

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Alex Goot Next Christmas Eve Lyrics

It’s Christmas eve and I’m alone again
I sit right by the tree and contemplate the end of the year
Will next year be different?
I’m gonna wait 365 days

Presents piled up to the ceiling now
Happiness just can’t be bought and boxed up
Even though I’ve been good this year
She won’t be here
Was it something I said?
I take it all back
Could you forgive the way I am?
It took time but now I’m lonely
On this cold Christmas eve
The mistletoe hangs over my head without you here
I’m gonna wait this whole year


’til next christmas eve
’til next christmas eve

I keep on thinking Santa is gonna bring you wrapped up in a perfect little bow
are you thinking of me?
I bet you’re looking lovely doing all the things you do
This Christmas eve
I can’t wait til next
’til next Christmas eve
’til next Christmas eve

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