Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Glee - Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag Lyrics Video Mp3 Download

* Artist : Glee
* Song : Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag
* Album : N/A Read Song Info

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This is one of a song that will appear on this week's episode 'The Substitute' titled "Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag". Original version of the song appeared in the musical Chicago. The song will be performed by Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Rachel Berry. Definitely something to listen to. Classic!

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Glee Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag Lyrics

You can like the life you're living
You can live the life you like
You can even marry Harry
But mess around with Ike
And that's
Good, isn't it?
Grand, isn't it?
Great, isn't it?
Swell, isn't it?
Fun, isn't it?
But nothing stays
In fifty years or so
It's gonna change, you know
But, oh, it's heaven

And all that Jazz!

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